The city of Sherman is currently seeking input on how people perceive its downtown area.

The city’s Main Street Department recently set up the online survey to get opinions on Downtown Sherman’s image from city residents as visitors, both regular and infrequent.

“Gauging public perception of downtown Sherman, from a wide variety of participants, will be used to help steer us in the right direction in developing an articulated Statement of Vision and a unique brand for our downtown,” Tourism/Main Street Manager Sarah McRae said via email. “This helps us to see where our time and attention is most needed and get us working on the most helpful projects in the future.”

McRae said the survey results will be used during the city’s Main Street Visioning Session on Feb. 8 with members of the Texas Main Street Resource Team staff.

The 10-question survey, which will be open until Feb. 3, asks people’s opinions on Downtown Sherman’s job market, housing options, investment opportunities, arts and culture, recreation, entertainment options, restaurants, family activities and more. It also asks people to pick what they like best and least about the area, as well as its greatest asset and liability.

In addition to several multiple choice questions, the survey also lets people answer questions about the first thing that comes to mind about the area and what they would like to add to Downtown Sherman in their own words.

McRae said the survey has been getting a good response so far, noting it received 87 responses on the first day it was available.

“Almost all of the responses so far have been extremely thoughtful and constructive with some very common themes,” McRae said. “It just goes to show how much everyone cares about our downtown and what it can become, which is always exciting to see.”

The Downtown Sherman Image Survey can be filled out at