Sherman agreed on Monday to pay for part of a master thoroughfare plan that will benefit all of Grayson County.

The Sherman City Council approved an interlocal agreement with the Sherman-Denison Metropolitan Planning Organization for the development of a thoroughfare plan that will encompass all of Grayson County.

“Last year, the city started to update their master thoroughfare plan in sections,” Director of Engineering Clint Philpott said. “We completed the northwest corridor and this year had actually planned to do a different section. At that time, the MPO and Clay Barnett approached us about partnering with them, the county and the city of Denison to do a master thoroughfare plan for the entire county.”

Grayson County hired Clay Barnett, Sherman’s former director of public works and engineering, last year to serve as county engineer and director of the SDMPO.

City staff said the interlocal agreement will allow the remaining sections of the city’s thoroughfare plan to be updated sooner than planned and should reduce the city’s cost. The master thoroughfare plan is also expected to improve coordination between Grayson County, its cities and the Texas Department of Transportation.

“This obviously will save the city a little bit of money in doing that partnership and also allows us to coordinate our efforts between the county and Denison, which is a great benefit,” Philpott said.

As part of the agreement, Sherman has agreed to reimburse the SDMPO $40,000 of the total cost of the master thoroughfare plan for the county, with funding for the project to come from the city’s Capital Improvement Project fund for the current fiscal year.

“We’re just looking forward to the opportunity to work with Sherman and Denison and our other partners in Grayson County to create a fantastic transportation network for the future of Grayson County,” Barnett said.

Last week, Denison City Manager Jud Rex said the Denison City Council will consider a similar interlocal agreement with the SDMPO during its Feb. 6 meeting. Barnett said the Grayson County Commissioners Court is expected to consider its own interlocal agreement with the SDMPO on Jan. 31.

“And of course, they all have to be approved at the Sherman-Denison MPO policy board meeting,” Barnett said.

The SDMPO director said his organization isn’t seeking agreements with any other cities in the county because of the size of Sherman and Denison, noting about half the county lives in those two cities.


The council also read a proclamation at the beginning of the meeting declaring Monday “Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day” in Sherman.

“In honor of Dr. King’s efforts, a national holiday has been set aside to honor this great man and his accomplishments,” council member Terrence Steele said. “Local organizations in Sherman sponsor several events to honor Dr. King and to recognize his accomplishments and the changes that are a result of his work. Therefore, I … encourage all citizens to remember this great man and his contributions to the freedom that all persons of our nation enjoy.”

Local entrepreneur Daron Holland of Holland Logos accepted the proclamation from Steele.

“This proclamation reflects on the positive direction this city has taken toward unity and the community and I’m pleased to be part of it,” Holland said. “As a black entrepreneur in Sherman, Texas, I still believe the dream is real from Dr. Martin Luther King.”