Area job seekers will be able to meet with eight different local companies seeking applicants for general administration, business office and customer service positions next week during the Texoma Career Fair.

The event, which is being put on by the Sherman Economic Development Corp. and Denison Development Alliance in partnership with Workforce Solutions Texoma and the city of Sherman, will be held from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Thursday in the ballroom of the Sherman Municipal Building, which is located at 405 N. Rusk St.

The companies planning to participate include Sherman businesses Alorica, Capio, AssetCare, Critical Access Billing Services LLC, and Future Payment Technologies and Denison businesses, Sign Warehouse, National Government Services, and Dialog-Direct.

“There’s a pretty good opportunity (of finding a job) with all of those when you put all of them together, Sherman and Denison,” DDA President Tony Kaai said. “And we did a quick count of how many jobs this total group was trying to fill today, and that’s over 200.”

The idea for the career fair came from the successful manufacturing career fairs DDA and Workforce Solutions held in June and SEDCO and Workforce Solutions held in August. However, instead of local manufacturing jobs, this one will be focused on general administration, business office and customer service positions.

“We (DDA and SEDCO) brainstormed on it and said, ‘Let’s combine our marketing and expertise and try to do something that is a one stop deal for Sherman and Denison,’” Kaai said.

SEDCO Vice President of Business Retention and Expansion Stacey Jones said the companies involved in the career fair are excited about it, but organizers are also hearing from lots of local job seekers after posting the fair’s information on SEDCO’s Facebook page and other internet sites.

“I put an ad out there and so far we’ve gotten 64 résumés,” Jones said Friday afternoon. “And I just did that on Wednesday.”

Jones said SEDCO’s manufacturing career fair in August attracted 485 people, so she’s hoping this fair reaches 500 potential applicants, a number Kaai also mentioned as DDA’s goal for the event.

“I really am (expecting it to go well), especially with Workforce (Solutions) helping out, because they have the expertise in this area,” Jones said.

Kaai said he believes the career fair shows there’s a demand for people that want to work.

“We want to help our local industries and our citizens connect,” Kaai said. “We want them to work and the industries want them to work.”