Superintendent of the Van Alstyne Independent School District John Spies this week announced his impending retirement. After serving in the educational field for the last four decades, Spies will officially step down from his position on June 30.

Spies has spent the last six years serving as superintendent for the Van Alstyne ISD. Working as both a teacher and administrator, his enthusiasm and drive have allowed him to naturally assume a leadership position in fostering youth education. He has dedicated his career to improving the lives and minds of children.

“He always looks for avenues to improve the lives of all children,” Assistant Superintendent David Brown said. “Dr. Spies has a passion for mentoring the people he is leading.”

Brown lauded Spies for his ability to cultivate the growth of individuals through his guidance. He noted Spies is particularly adept in his ability to build relationships that nurture positive district growth.

“He (Spies) has created a culture where decisions are made based on the individual student,” Brown said. “He has allowed me to grow as an educator and a person.”

Before his current position as Van Alstyne ISD superintendent, Spies served as superintendent of Malakoff ISD. He said he now plans to devote his free time to having adventures with his wife. However, he still plans to offer education consulting.

The board will discuss which applicants might succeed Spies during its next meeting. Spies stated that an official decision should be reached by the end of February.