As the holiday season winds down, Enterhealth Ranch shifts the focus back to pragmatics by showcasing its wealth of new job opportunities at the residential drug and alcohol treatment facility in Van Alstyne.

Senior Account Executive Lauren Witt said that Enterhealth Ranch, which is currently seeking to employ additional staff members, is able to ease redundancy woes by creating jobs for residents in Van Alstyne, McKinney, Sherman, and neighboring city areas.

Witt said Enterhealth Ranch is currently looking to acquire a full-time LVN or RN and a minimum of two masters-level therapists. Enterhealth Ranch is also seeking to add several part time LVNs, RNs, and behavioral technicians to its current staff.

Enterhealth Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Scott Trout said, “Enterhealth is a unique place to work because we deliver medically advanced therapies, medications and wellness services in an environment that creates a feeling of dignity and focuses on each individual.”

Trout said that Enterhealth is a unique treatment facility because it utilizes a “science-based treatment program, which was developed by leading addiction experts from across the country.”

Since its opening in 2008, the residential drug and alcohol treatment facility has experienced an increase in patient demand, which led to the formation of novel positions. These openings are needed to both bolster the expanding company and help service the influx in patients.

Witt added that the holidays provide a crucial time to spot addiction in family members, since many students are home from college. She estimates that Enterhealth will experience an admission augmentation in the period directly subsequent to the holiday season.

According to Trout, signs that a loved one might be at risk for substance abuse include dents in cars, strange behavioral changes, secretive behavior, changes in peer groups, and a difficulty in sleeping or staying awake.