Despite precipitation and some relief from dry conditions along the gulf coast, drought conditions worsened last week for Northeast portions of the state, the Texas Water Development Board said in its weekly water report. In the latest report, the TWDB said 15 percent of the state remains in a state of drought.

“Thanksgiving week brought improvement to drought conditions along the southern gulf coast, however drought intensified in northeast Texas with extreme drought in Bowie, Cass and Marion Counties,” Robert Mace, TWDB deputy water science and conservation executive director, said in the report.

In addition to portions of Eastern Texas, the TWDB described Lamar and Red River counties as being in a state of “extreme drought.” Locally, portions of Fannin County remain in a state of “moderate drought” according to the latest reports. While Grayson County is not considered to be in a drought, the board described conditions as “abnormally dry.”

Despite the ongoing drought, Mace said area reservoirs remain above average for this area of the state.

“Although the landscape is suffering severe and extreme drought, reservoir levels in the East Texas climate region remained above normal at 89 percent full,” Mace said.

As of Thursday afternoon, the elevation of Lake Texoma stood at 618.74, less than a foot above the top of the seasonally-adjusted conservation pool. This put the lake just inside the flood control pool.

Recent precipitation, and projected rainfall over the weekend, may offer some relief to the recent dry conditions in Texoma. National Weather Service Meteorologist Jamie Gudmestad said a weather station at North Texas Regional Airport — Perrin Field received 1.88 inches of rainfall during a series of storms that hit the region early Monday morning.

A second storm system is expected to come through the area Friday night, bringing with it a 70 percent chance for rain throughout Saturday, she said. Chances for rain are expected to drop to about 50 percent Saturday night and clear off by Sunday. Temperatures throughout the weekend are expected to remain in the 50s before dropping below freezing in the middle of next week.