Correction: An earlier version of this article erred in the headline by misstating where Rob Casey lives. He is a Sherman resident.

Seeking to create, build and maintain a support system between missionaries and their sending countries, a missionary from Sherman started a new organization this year. GoSendMe Global is a sending ministry that not only helps partner American missionaries with international missions, but it trains, counsels and helps generate funds for people seeking to work in long-term missions.

“Our organization is dedicated to furthering the mission and vision of the called and the sent,” GoSendMe Global Founder Rob Casey said. “It is really simple. We want to get behind the people that believe God has called them to go somewhere and do something for his kingdom. We also want to get behind the people that are already in that space elsewhere.”

As a missionary that has been to about 21 countries, Casey said the idea for GoSendMe Global came while he was speaking with another seasoned missionary.

“I was in a foreign field and I was in a position as a minister where I was standing with a missionary weeping,” Casey said. “He said, ‘This is the first time in 15 years that anyone has come to me in the field and asked me what if anything there is that I need.’”

Casey has never been able to forget that moment.

“It suddenly showed me that what we are trying to accomplish here with great intentions and great hopes with out headquarters and mission statements and our vision statements can unfortunately lead to a great breach in what is actually happening in the field,” he said. “Without meaning to, we can be telling missionaries things without listening to them.”

This was particularly important when Casey was doing mission work in Greece during the recent refugee crisis.

“I have been to Greece five different times and those have really stuck with me,” he said. “The refugee crisis response has definitely made an impact on me. It is some of the worst that humanity has to offer but also some of the best all wrapped together in one package.”

During moments like this and others, Casey believes that missionaries are missing the support structure before, after and during their time abroad.

“At times, that missing support is inadequate training,” he said. “Sometimes that missing support means help in support raising. Sometimes missing support is help in understanding what it is like doing cross-cultural work.”

The nine member team is currently working with five international partnerships and is working with a few missionary couples looking to raise funds to begin their long term mission trips of three or more years.

“We are always looking for people that are wanted to work for God’s kingdom,” Casey said. “We are looking for people who want to make relationships and disciples for Christ. We are very open to where people are coming from. Fill out an application or make an inquiry on our website and we are happy to talk about the goals and the mission.”

While members of GoSendMe Global have already assisted people seeking mission work in Peru, Nicaragua, Sierra Leon, West Africa and Greece, the organization is less concerned about where missionaries want to go and more concerned about the mission goals.

“We are concerned about who and what God has called the individual to be,” Casey said. “We believe that if you feel that calling then you are the most passionate person for that. We do not want to manage how the individual goes about that. We want to hold the individual accountable to whatever the person had a vision for in the beginning. We are going to counsel before. We are going to check in periodically over the phone or make trips to see the person in the field.”

GoSendMe Global also hosts training through its website.

“We are also a vetting service,” Casey said. “If someone wants to bring a team somewhere where they already are, we will help them prepare a small team. We will help them train the team and bring them over for them. We go through child safety training so they know what to do and what not to do with children internationally. We have a background checking process. We want to help avoid possible issues with people that may not be mature enough for this just yet.”

There is a worldwide need for the love of Christ, Casey said. And the impact that it has left on him and his team members is one that he wants to share with others through GoSendMe Global.

“We desperately need more workers, more grant writers, more kingdom-minded volunteers and fundraisers, and some creative and self-starting people who will live by faith and join the work as full-time missionaries in our leadership team,” he said.