This is the third in a four-part series by the Texoma Community Center marking March as Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Month nationwide.

This is the third in a four-part series by the Texoma Community Center marking March as Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Month nationwide.

Living the Golden Rule is something that Kevin (not his real name) strives to do every day. He believes he is to treat others the way he would like to be treated. He goes on to say that he cares about people and their feelings and likes to help whenever he can. These ideas are evident because he has many friends and says he is an easy going nice guy who is hard to make angry. Kevin has intellectual and developmental delays and receives services through Texoma Community Center (TCC).

One of his most important goals in life is to have a steady job. His jobs have included cart pushing and fast food, as well as lawn care. His brother has a lawn care business and sometimes they work together. He has enjoyed all of his jobs but was not getting enough hours to provide for his needs. This month he is looking forward to interviewing with an area industry that employs persons with disabilities and is hoping for employment.

Kevin wants to be self-supporting and replace his Social Security disability income with a paying job. He attends TCC’s Day Habilitation program and has goals to improve his reading and writing skills, and do math at a higher level. He knows that learning these skills will also make him more employable. At Day Habilitation, he will have one-on-one instruction in these subjects. He was unsuccessful in a prior program where he was placed in front of a computer to learn to read, but it did not work for him. He became frustrated because he said he needed to know how to read to operate the program.

Kevin is 37 years old and the father of one child. He has also two step-children. All three of these children spend every other major holiday and summers with him. He enjoys being a dad and plans many activities with the children. He works with his service coordinator before the children arrive and makes plans to have the food, the diapers, clothes, toys, etc. that will be needed. When he has the children, they go to the park, take walks, go swimming, watches cartoons, visit with family members, and much more. His children and family are very important to him, and he wants them to be a part of his life. His mother and other family members are supportive.

Kevin knows many independent daily living skills. He says that he can cook almost anything he wants to eat and knows how to clean. He does need help in managing his money and paying bills. He meets with his service coordinator,they look at his budget, and he can make changes if he chooses. TCC is his payee. He feels he needs this help to keep him current on his expenses. He states that he does not have to worry any longer with TCC’s help. Although at some point in time, if he chooses, one of his goals may be to manage his money. He does not drive and receives help form TCC with transportation for grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments, etc. He also has money management direction when he goes shopping.

Kevin is a part of the community and participates in several activities. His favorite activities include pool, movies, and dancing. He will be involved soon with Special Olympics and may participate in running events. He is looking forward to practice and the competitions. He knows that his life will become very busy with a job, caring for his children, and participating in Special Olympics.

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