Saturday, I went out to my mail box and found the greatest surprise — a copy of Elin Hilderbrand’s brand new book “28 Summers” waiting on me. Getting a brand new review copy of Hilderbrand’s latest book has, for the past several years, meant it is time for me to look around and make a list of the rest of the books I want to read for the summer.

It is a given, almost, that I will put Hilderbrand’s newest book on my list and this year is no exception. I love the way her books take me away from whatever I am dealing with at the moment. Over the years, the have whisked me away from political noise pollution, murder trials, and even the death of my sweet mother. And those reading breaks were dearly needed to give my mind little places to rest in the sun and rejuvenate. Hilderband’s characters just talk to me in a way that always makes me want to sit with them for as long as it takes them to tell me their stories of Nantucket and summer. I never regret the time I spend with them.

Not all of the books on this list are brand new, some are just new to me and some are old friends I recommend again because they brought me joy in the past. So if you are looking for books that will help you get away, even if you have to stay put, here are a few for summer 2020:

1. Elin Hilderbrand’s “28 Summers” — based on the movie “Same Time Next Year”, this book examines how a once-a-year affair impacts the lives a Nantucket gal and guy whose life takes him all of the way to the nation’s capital when he is not on the island.

2. “20th Victim” By James Patterson and Maxine Paetro — the women’s murder club is back in action and everyone has something to lose in this one. One member might even lose her life. This series brings together a police detective, a medical examiner, a district attorney and a newspaper reporter to solve crimes in California’s San Francisco while trying to do the things we all want to do like succeed at careers, build families and retain friendships.

3. “Blood and Ivy” by Paul Collins tells the story of a murder that took place back in 1849 in, you might have guessed Boston Massachusetts. To tell the truth, I don’t know what it was that drew me to this book, but once I started reading (or really listening to it) I couldn’t put it down.

4. “Death on a Vineyard Beach” by Philip Craig. Actually, this is just one in a series of books set on Martha’s Vineyard that Craig wrote and anyone who is looking to escape into a little mystery and read about great food and an awesome location should check out the whole series.

5. “City of Girls” by Elizabeth Gilbert;

6. “The Woman in the Window,” by A. J. Finn;

7. Park Avenue Summer by Renee Rosen;

8. “Summer Darlings” by Brook Lea Foster;.

9. “The Lost Girls of Devon” by Barbara O’Neal;

10. “It’s Not all Downhill from Here,” by Terry McMillan.

Happy Birthday to Chan’ta Hunter, Lyrique Aqeimbo, Joe Harris, Steve Austin and Jerkeylon Norvell, all of Sherman; and Della Bennett of Apo, AP.