My new office space, thanks to the COVID-19 changes, has a giant window.

I have worked at the Herald Democrat or its predecessor for more than 20 years now and I have never had a window to look out while I worked. Thursday as the sun shined in on me I sat alone in my back bedroom interviewing new mothers and crying.

They were happy tears and maybe it makes me a big pushover or I guess some could say unprofessional, but my heart is almost always right out there on my sleeve. And the stories I heard from first time moms about their experiences of giving birth or getting their babies during this whole COVID-19 mess were just so completely touching. I will tell you all about them in this weekend's paper.

It is strange that I was working on this story at the end of week set aside to honor nurses because all of the mothers I talked to praise the people who took care of them and their newborns at area hospitals. Some spoke so eloquently about that care that we were both leaking tears by the time the conversations ended. And of course, they talked about the importance of Mothers Day and impact that the COVID-19 changes have had on them and the holiday. Spoiler alert, the changes really don't change a lot. Love is Love and mothers are love whether they are sharing that with a child who came out of their own body or a child they have taken into their heart and soul and decided to love as their own, matters not.

This Sunday, a lot of people will not do what they have always done on Mother's Day. They may not gather together at church or they may not go out to eat in a large group like they always did, but I am betting we still all celebrate the women who were there for us from the first breath we drew until they drew their last.

Sitting in front of my big sunny window, I thought about my own sweet mom who has been gone about three years now. She never asked for anything on Mother's Day except that we all come to see or call her. So if you can, make that call on Sunday. Tell her how much her support and love have meant to you. And we will all look forward to the next time we get to hug our moms because we know they are all looking forward to the next time they can hug us.