Monday mornings are not my very favorite time of the week. I say this because I am sure most of you jump right out of bed ready to start the week with enthusiasm and glee.

I am not someone who hates the start of the work week, but I really do adore Sundays. This week, however, Monday brought with it a few more hours with my darling niece. She came to visit on Friday had stayed through Monday afternoon. And the hours were as close to bliss as I have come in a long time.

Many readers, I know, have followed my niece's life through my columns here on the front page. She is still the same bright, witty and, in my eyes, perfect little doll as always, but now she is taller than me and is headed for teenage status with a pace that scares me.

For years, having her visit my home on the weekend meant I had to fun and fetch for her endlessly. The child that visited me this weekend, however, didn't really need me for much other than actually cooking her food, and I think she is more capable in that department than she thinks.

It is hard to resolve my memories of this more grown up doll with the memories of my little snuggle bug from the times gone by. But there were signs that she is still my same darling doll. One of those is a continued love of all things Scooby Doo. We watched several episodes and I remembered how much I, too, love the show and the feeling of normalcy hearing the theme song produces in our home.

In addition to watching the dog loving crew solve mysteries that prove, almost always, that monsters are fake and people can be awful, we also spent some time playing cards and just relaxing in each others company. After so many weeks of isolation, it was so nice to be with someone who didn't need to be entertained and who was just happy to be with me. And I was so happy just to be with her.

In addition to marathon card games, we also stumbled across "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and my doll told me, with eyes as bright as I have ever seen them, that those were some of her favorite shows. That started on Friday, by Sunday, I had told her I didn't mind if she watched the show but she had to turn it down when it played the theme song. That song and a dog that barks at everything that moves proved to me too much for me and it caused me to flash back many decades ago to my mom screaming at my brothers to turn the television down on Saturday mornings while she cleaned house. One never really knows when those "I sound just like my mother" moments are going to come along or why.