Since we have all been shut up in our homes, shopping has changed for many of us. I was not a huge fan of shopping on the computer before this whole crazy thing began. I am still not a huge fan, but I will admit that I am getting really addicted to the idea of having my groceries delivered.

One of the great things about looking for groceries online is the fact that I am not walking down an aisle looking for things and seeing tons of other stuff that then gets to tempt its way into my basket. For instance, to buy my low carb bread, I don't have to walk by all of the donuts, cakes and pies. I just type in the name brand of my bread and it pulls up and shows me those items only.

Likewise, when I want to shop for frozen berries or veggies, I don't have to walk by the ice cream, frozen yogart, and other delicious treats that I am fine without, unless they end up in my basket and then in my home.

Those are pros for shopping online. The negatives are a little more subtle. I really like to walk through the produce section and touch the fruits and veggies that I buy. I like to look at the colors as the season changes and the various different things come into the store. I like to know I got the beset avocado on the table that day and I can't really say that if I never saw the table or the products until they arrived at my door.

Additionally, I like to browse the dog section of the store and look for little treats for my Bella. Online seems to offer fewer choices in dog food and treats, in my experience.

And, I miss talking to the cashier as I pay for my items and they get all bagged up. I have shopped in local stores for more than 20 years now and I know several of the women who have worked in those stores for that long. We may not call each other by name, but they have been known to ask my about my niece or mom and I remember which ones would come to work with pictures of their children or grandchildren on buttons on their uniforms or who talked about their families as we chatted during the whole process. Those people made the shopping process more than an economic exchange. Instead it was an exchange of live stories and experiences. They had recommendations about products and asked me what I thought about ones I bought for the first time or repeatedly. We cheered each other on at the end of long hard days on the job when grabbing something to eat to go for me combined with their last few minutes on the job for the day for them.