I just watched Governor Greg Abbott talk about opening the state back up to business after COVID-19. While I am so excited to hear about those plans, I am also trying to take some time right now to enjoy some of the changes that have come my way in the last few weeks.

For instance, at work, I generally write in a room with no windows. Today, I am watching birds that I think are building nests and are dive bombing cats in the front yard for materials.

I also get to see butterflies and watch the wind blow the bright green leaves on the trees. I get to work in college sweatshirt with my dog at my feet.

Goodness knows, I have had plenty of “me time” over the past few weeks. I have watched more television in the past few weeks than I have in the last ten years, I think. I can’t even count the number of television series I have either caught up on because I never watched it begin with or have re watched all over again.

I have also read a number of book online. Though I can’t wait for the libraries to open again. I just miss knowing that I can fill a Saturday afternoon with a nice long browse through the mystery section of the library.

So all of this has me wondering what our readers are going to miss about this time when it is finally over? When we all go back to our offices and can roam the grocery store without fear, what are we going to be thinking back on as a positive thing to come out of all of this?

I think one thing will be, or should be, a greater amount of genuine respect for teachers, child care workers and those who clean our hospitals, schools and other public places. I hope that we see people like doctors and nurses as more worthy of hero worship than sports celebrities or movie stars.

And I hope that we all remember how crushed we felt when we realized we couldn’t take for granted the ability to gather to worship. I hope that makes us really appreciate it when we can all gather together in our churches or other places of worship. Hopefully we remember that they are not simply places of social gatherings. Their place in our lives is much deeper than that.

Most of all, I hope we all remember how much we need one another and missed on another and how our differences mattered less over this period than our similarities did.