Artist and writer Lindsay Musgrove is a Texoma transplant, originally growing up in Plano. She currently works as a Peer Support Specialist at the mental health authority in Grayson County.

“I have lived in Sherman for a year and a half, and the community has been very welcoming to me so far. It is also so quiet here. Not quite at all like Plano or Dallas! I am grateful for Sherman, and am humbled by everyone I meet,” Musgrove said.

She has fought with mental health issues most of her life and now finds herself at a point where she is able to give back to the community and raise awareness for mental health through mixed media art and her writing. She considers herself an avid philosophy bookworm and uses that philosophical tone to pull her art together.

“I incorporate mental health topics into my art, as well as people’s underlying feelings towards societal issues surrounding many topics that affect most people like poverty, war, disease, all kinds of disabilities, love, work, education, and more. I spend my time writing about mental health, self-care, self-esteem, self-realization, etc, and share parts of my story within those topics, too,” Musgrove added.

Like most creative children Musgrove played in different fields of art through her school years into early adulthood. It started with singing choir in elementary through middle school, diving into acting inside and outside of high school, and even joining a band.

“I did an audition for the Oscar-Meyer wiener company in 1996 when they were looking for the next kid to sing the jingle. I play multiple instruments, but my love is for drums. I played in a really short-lived band in high school. I played a venue and got paid for it! Am I a professional musician now?” she said toying at the idea.

When she hit her twenties she started writing and painting. She was dealing with deep depression and anxiety and she would find herself writing for hours at a time.

“The writing just flowed from me like a spillage of water. Eventually I started pulling all my forms of art together into one,” she added.

“As I write more pieces they just get better, and better, in my opinion. I’m trying to hone my writing skills. I am working on a second book, and hoping to get it traditionally published within the next year, whether it’s a small or big press” said Musgrove.

Fighting with mental health issues, she finds her moods can sabotage her attempts at creating but she holds her writing closest to her heart. She hopes that her work would help someone else going through a tough time. As her work gets more refined her goal is for it to be something people can look back on and be able to discern and understand even it if they cannot fully grasp it now.

Lindsay Musgrove has a website at Her writings can also be found on Medium at Her art is currently on display through Sherman Cultural Art District’s Art Dash at Ideation Station.