Bo Huff is one of Texoma’s most charismatic and prolific abstract artists. A man rarely seen without a smile on his face and a hug for anyone in need, it may be surprising to learn of the demons he battles.

Huff moved to Whitesboro at the age of 15 when his father, a children’s dentist returned to his hometown, family in tow. After high school he attended school in jewelry technology and attained his degree. He made custom jewelry from his store in Whitesboro for over a decade until his wife past away after four years after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

He had already battled depression and suicidal thoughts. When she died he closed his store and left. Shortly after, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

“I began harming myself. One day after harming myself, after work I told my brother, and to my surprise he said, “ Let’s go to Mom and dad’s.’ He told them I was not able to hold a job, and for my safety, I needed to move home,” Huff said.

Over the next few years, he learned to pick up a paintbrush to fight his bad thoughts. It quickly became his therapy and for someone who felt like he lost his identity, he now finds himself home as an artist.

“One of my first art projects, and the one I am most proud of, was when I was asked to make the ‘Stations of the Cross’ for The Church of the Resurrection in Sherman — collection of 12 pieces,” he said.

Huff is an avid supporter of mental health awareness. Sometimes, he finds it difficult to create when suffering through his worst bouts of bipolar but has found help through the right medication.

“You have heard the expression ‘just pull your self up bye your boot straps.’ You can’t with bipolar depression,” he said. “I have two goals in life make great art and speaking to groups about mental illness. I have lived it. As someone with bipolar, I know, a person is not going to open up and fully listen to or trust telling everything that is affecting them because only a person with mental illness will fully trust telling another person with mental illness. There is a trust between people who both have suffered the same things. We understand each other.”

His future goal is to make large abstract paintings for homes, offices and corporations. He currently has an array of abstract art ranging from subjects of religion, nature, people and dogs. He works between two studios, one behind his home in Whitesboro and the other in Houston. At his home studio this month he is having a 50 percent off sale on 100 paintings on March 14 where he will also be holding an auction with all donations going to CASA of Grayson County.

Bo Huff Studios shows by appointment only, 214-709-2797. The sale and auction will be open to the public on Saturday March 14th from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM located at 27195 St. Hwy 56, Whitesboro, TX 76273.

His website will be up by the end of March but you can currently see his work on Instagram at @bohuffstudios and on Facebook on his personal page.