Nicole Segich of Sherman, TX is a Navy veteran who currently works a substitute teacher for SISD. She is also a passionate having grown up in a creative family, notably her Uncle and Grandmother who were supportive and active in the Arts. Her Uncle inspired her the most with his drawings but has always had a passion and is completely self-taught.

Her main media is drawing and even more niche is her stippling. Stippling in drawing is where a creation is made using varying sizes and solidity of tiny dots. Most of her work is done in ink with a preference for Micron Pens. She learned this technique while stationed in Boston she met an artist from Egypt. He lived in a large building that was home to many artists. Once a year the artists opened up their doors and allowed the public to go in their home, see their artwork and watch how they worked.

“This Egyptian man had one piece that covered an entire wall and it had random markings that made no sense when you stood up close. However, when you took a step back you could see an entire piece of artwork made up of these tiny markings. That blew my mind and that’s what I try to do with the stippling.“ says Segich.

Her work often carries a dark undertone and she is more than happy to continue working in that nature. She credits influences to award winning illustrator Allen Williams and post-impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh. While she feels art open and free to her in producing, she does run into the “Starving Artist” trope a bit. She also knows that not everyone understands her passion or her more macabre style, but she’s okay with that. Her Grim Reaper carrying a child is one of her prized pieces.

“This is basically how I keep me sane. I’ve had a pretty traumatic life and this helps me to be okay. There are a lot of veterans who are dealing with a lot of stuff and as a veteran this helps me deal with a lot of things I’ve been through from the Navy and other stuff. “ Says Segich in regards to art as her therapy.

For the future she is looking to pursue Neuropsychology at Grayson Community College as well as produce more work. She has shown work in the Metamorphosis show at MK Gallery, the Black and White Show at Grayson Community College and the Alice in Wonderland Show at the Wonderland Gallery.

“I would like inspire as many people as I can to just be themselves no matter how dark or controversial their work may be. It’s okay to be different because being unique is beautiful. “ adds Segich

To purchase prints or commissions from Nicole Segich you may contact her through her Instagram at @nicsega