This past week I had the distinct pleasure of chronicling the recognition of an inspiration for any journalist, especially someone who has taken over the reigns of covering the city of Denison.

Donna Hunt recently retired from writing her column for the Herald Democrat. I had not had an opportunity to meet her prior to this past city council meeting where the city of Denison recognized her for her contributions to preserving the city’s history. As someone who has taken on the responsibility of continuing some of that work in my own small way, I found great pleasure in getting to see her receive such recognition.

At first, I was thrilled to see a fellow journalist appreciated by the community she served. That inspires me to do the best I can to continue chronicling events moving forward. It was also exciting to sit down and chat with someone who made a career right here in Grayson County.

I know I am somewhat of a transplant to the area, but I have stated numerous times I am hoping to make a home here.

I grew up in a small town in the Nevada desert that even most Nevadan’s never visit. We didn’t have a local newspaper. I was back there recently with a friend doing research on the town’s history, and we ran into a drought. As someone who lived in a town that didn’t have a Donna Hunt fighting to preserve it’s history, I can safely say I appreciate what she did here. There are communities that don’t have that.

I was ecstatic to see a town cherish the individual who dedicated her life to preserving that history. That’s not to say that in Nevada we didn’t have individuals who did what they could, but without a local newspaper or historical society, those efforts were fair more limited.

It is a tremendous honor for me to operate under the shadow of someone who left a real impact on her home town. I only hope that I can do my best to keep the torch light as the community moves into a new chapter.