Joni Beamish of Mystic Art Studio, located in Sherman, is queen of her own eccentric wonderland. An artist who has allowed her muse to run freely in every direction, in every medium one can imagine and a few she may have created on her own.

Her art, which is internationally collected, goes from everyday beauty to extraordinary to extraordinarily bizarre. Intriguing art covers floor to walls and its open for the public to peruse her completed pieces as well as her pieces in progress, which also makes her studio living art on it’s own right.

She is a self taught artist and designer, never fully pursuing her passion until she was in her mid-40s. Over the past 30 years she has developed her own style in creating pottery, sculpture, paintings and assembling objects into one of a kind works of art. Rescuing objects in junks shops, dumpster, or on the side of the road is that inspires her; she feels that each pieces has a story to tell.

“I find the puzzling together of previously unrelated objects and images very exciting. I like to consider myself a storyteller with objects and paper. Humor is an important component in my work because it provides a universal means of communication,” said Beamish

Clay and canvass play a fundamental role in her intertwined stories that involve contrasting textures, infusions of color, layers of varnish, hand painted paper and photos. They often take on unplanned and exciting new twists. She enjoys the idea of deconstructing information/objects available to the eye, and then reordering it, and making it something new. She works with no rules.

“When someone asks, ‘What type of work do you do?’ I explain that my work is simply a journey into experimentation,” she said.

Beamish credits her favorite art supply source is usually a hardware store. Beamish grew up with limited income and this has taught her to be extra resourceful and imaginative when creating art. She will use everything she has in her studio to create versus allowing anything to go to waste. She does not allow herself to have bad art, stating that instead its just art waiting to be finished. She is grateful to her husband who gives her the space to create and the opportunity to create freely.

“My goal is to passionately create with reckless abandonment; that which will make the viewer scratch their head, invite them to think, to reflect, and open their mind to the possibility that all art has to do is make the viewer feel something,” Beamish smiled. “I embrace my good fortune and eclectic path by creating art that has the potential to engage on an intimate and personal level. I regard being an artist as an extraordinary privilege.”

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