Dash set for second week in February

The Sherman Cultural Art’s District is holding their 2nd annual Art DASH in downtown Sherman on Feb. 15. All business wanting to host and artists are encouraged to apply by Wednesday.

“When Beth Hubbert, a local professional artist, told me about participating in this kind of event in another state and it sounded like a blast. So we decided to see if it could work here,” Ginger Nye of the Sherman Cultural Arts Council said.

The Sherman Art DASH began last year as a fun way to buy original art. It encourages the community to make the rounds of artwork exhibited in businesses within the Cultural Distric for a month. One goal of the event is to get art in front of the public and drive traffic to local galleries.

DASH will take place at 2 p.m. and ticket holders will assemble at a location to see five by five inch canvases provided by participating artists

“All the five by five canvases will be hanging on a wall in a vacant building,” Nye explained. “DASHers will be herded behind a line and when the horn sounds, they will DASH a few feet and take the canvas they grab off the wall home with them! It’s tricky because we’ll have exactly as many DASH tickets as we have artists participating. Last year there were 42, which surprised us. Going into a brand new and somewhat laborious-to-explain event, our goal was a dozen.”

Any level of artist from amateur to professionals in any medium can participate and are encouraged to apply. They are looking for all kinds of work to be shown and ask for photos of sample work with the application so the artist can be matched with business.

Downtown Sherman businesses will participate as hosts to exhibit the artwork. Each artist supplies between 6 to a dozen pieces of work. Not only are businesses and artist are needed to participate but the community as well, by buying a ticket and DO THE DASH or take the map of exhibits and make the rounds to see all the art at the hosting locations.

“After paying the expenses associated with the event last year (printing and advertising), we were able to use proceeds to buy umbrellas which were used by the award-winning, choreographed Sherman Cultural District Umbrella Troupe in the St. Pat’s Parade. We plan to do that again this year,” added Nye.

Tickets are $35 and will go on sale Jan. 27. Art will be exhibited from mid-February thru mid- March.

Applications and information for artists and potential hosting businesses can be found at https://www.shermanarts.org/showcase.