As 2020 starts to get into full force there are likely a lot of people making New Year’s resolutions. I myself have never really made it a habit to fall into that. I typically start a new year fresh but I don’t try to make sweeping changes to my life all at once.

Last year was a very big year for me personally. I joined a new church family. I bought a home. I adopted a cat from a local shelter. It wasn’t all good as I lost a dear friend, one of my grandparents and wrecked my car. But the good somehow managed to outweigh the bad this past year.

As such I decided to make at least one positive change I had affirmed late last year. I decided my intention was to follow the example of my departed colleague Mark Beardsley and become more involved in my local church family. I signed up for a few areas I feel comfortable helping out following a productive meeting I had with the minister last week.

I don’t call it a resolution but my life long goal is to always be a better person. Getting to know Mark was a real inspiration. He helped rekindle my fire for serving others. While the sting of his loss still burns in my heart, I can honor his legacy by following in his footsteps to the best of my ability.

I had my first training session for one of the roles I am hoping to help with this Sunday and it was a great feeling knowing I was getting back into the service of others, even if it is a small way. As I grow in my faith my number one goal is to find new ways to make the world around me a better place. What better way than getting involved in the church that opened its arms to me and gave me a new home.

I made my first taste of service as a teenager when I assisted my grandma in teaching a children’s vacation bible school class. Since then my life has drifted all over the country but one thing remains constant, my desire to be a better person. While I might not always succeed I won’t stop trying to improve.