A number of new eateries expanded the dining options for Grayson County residents in 2019. Area businesses brought several different types of new dining options to the area from street tacos to the food court inspired TRYIncubator.

Here are five restaurants that came to Grayson County last year.

1. Pie Five Pizza

The newest pizza place to begin offering food in the county garnered attention as it was the site of what the city dubbed the Crossroads inside the new Lone Star Food Store at 3707 S. US Highway 75

The newest convenience store in the Douglass Distributing family of stores offers a fast-food style pizza prepared on site that is ready to eat in five minutes.

2. Billy’s Grille

When Schulman’s Movie Bowl Grille came to Sherman spark interest in the city’s Crossroads section of town.

Since it’s debut last summer the combination movie theater and restaurant offers a sit down style of restaurant with wide variety of food options. In addition to the restaurants seating area, patrons can order food to enjoy while they watch a movie in one of the sites cinemas. The venue is located at 110 East F.M.1417.

3. Tito’s Taqueria

When a popular family taco truck announced it would be selling those popular street tacos in a permanent location Downtown Sherman the community responded. The family owned food truck turned restaurant brought a variety of specialty tacos to the downtown area of the city that had previously been relegated to those waiting in line at whichever popular event the food truck served. The restaurant is at 902 E Lamar St in downtown Sherman.

4. Domino’s moves downtown

In a move that garnered attention Domino’s announced it would be bringing a classic style restaurant with a modern menu to the historic downtown district. The location, adjacent to city hall, sports a look that blends in with the rest of downtown due to the oversight of the city’s historic preservation board. The restaurant sits at 228 West Main Street in Denison.

5. The Rail Yard Incubator

The latest restaurant to open in Grayson County isn’t a single offering rather it’s a combination of ideas that brings a food court style setting to an enclosed downtown space in Denison’s historic district. The incubator, at 507 West Main Street, promises to allow aspiring chefs the chance to try their culinary works on the public in a test market business model designed to spur the budding culinary artisans in the area.