Marty Haggard performer and son of legendary artist, Merle Haggard, will perform his tribute show, A Tribute to My Dad, Merle Haggard at the Kidd-Key Auditorium in Sherman with proceeds benefiting Betty Harpers’s Costume Closet.

The show will be held at 7 p.m. Jan. 3.

Marty Haggard is a dedicated country music performer with a career spanning forty years. Marty Haggard, the oldest of Haggard’s children, was privileged to be a part of his dad’s career and had the opportunity to go on the road with his father and was there when his dad wrote and recorded of his music. This has given each song that Marty Haggard performs at the tribute concert special memories attached to it.

“There’s not really ONE song that stands out to me. They ALL stand out as special for me. They all stir a memory for me. I’m always asked, “Do you have a favorite song?” and I honestly cannot say I do. They’re all such great songs, and just like with my kids, I couldn’t begin to pick my favorite,” adds Haggard

While most entertainers try to separate themselves from their parent’s fame in the industry, Marty Haggard kept a part of his father with him as he established himself as performer in his own right. When he was in Nashville promoting his career he would primarily do his own music but still add a couple of his Dad’s songs almost every night. In 2010 he recorded a tribute album that consisted of 15 of Merle’s classics. For two years he performed his tribute show in Branson, Missouri before taking the show on the road.

“I am no longer in Nashville, in the mainstream of country music anymore. I don’t record for a record label anymore. I’m not trying to get my records played on the radio. I no longer WORK music for a living, I PLAY music for a living. Now days, I play a couple of my own songs in my shows, but primarily I do my dad’s songs. I love my dad and his music, and I’ve taken it upon myself, as his oldest son, to try and keep all of his great music alive. Real country music is hard to find these days, and there are a lot of people out there that grew up with his music, just like me, and love it, just like me.” Marty Haggard says

Marty Haggard says that Haggard fans can expect to find intimate, inside information from a son about a father at the show. Fans will learn things about him that they did not know as Marty Haggard does stories behind each and every song.

“Just simply expect a son to brag on his father. We both loved each other and real country music, so it’s a natural fit for me.” he adds “To anyone interested in coming, if you like real country music, and especially country music, “Haggard” style, I believe you’re going to enjoy this. Can’t wait to see you there. I will have a meet & greet, if you’re interested in meeting me, you’ll get the chance. Please spread the word and let folks know we’re coming.”