Everyone has their favorite Christmas song. That special carol or cover that gets them in the holiday spirit.

Mine actually comes with a little bit of a story.

It was 2004, and I was still living with my parents. My older sister — the same one who now lives in Alaska — was visiting. At the time she only lived a few towns over so visits were more frequent. It was during a visit that she introduced me to a musician, that unbeknownst to her, was already quickly becoming a favorite of mine. The song was “Santa Baby,” a cover by Kylie Minogue.

I am sure it might not be the most faithful rendition or even the most iconic but it was that song that really put me in the Christmas mood that season. It was a hard holiday as I had already lost a friend to suicide earlier in the month so the song really stuck out in my mind.

It remains one of my favorite holiday songs not because it lifted my spirits at a troubling time, although it certainly helped, but because of the way my sister and I both discovered this same artist at the same time, independently of each other, and yet it was for different reasons. She liked the song “Obsession”. For me it was “Red Blooded Woman” that captivated me. Truth be told I had also just gone through my break up with my then fiance so it was a hard holiday season to get through. But that song helped, along with support from my family and a renewed faith that has persisted to this day.

I think it is important to find something that can get us into the holiday spirit and for me it’s listening to one of my favorite pop singers sing her interpretation of a popular ditty about a woman who might be a little too into the holiday spirit.

I’ve heard plenty of other Christmas songs, even other renditions of this same tune by other artists, yet this remains one that will forever hold a special place in my heart. Sometimes it takes a song to lift you up. The right song can have a lasting impact on your life.