The Chameleon Song Swap and Pecan Pie Social is lined up to be an event of family-friendly southern pleasantries as sweet and satisfying as a slice of the pecan pie they will be serving up alongside their music. Singer/songwriters Peggy Houlihan and Rachel Yeatts are collaborating to put on a show of acoustic original folk and bluegrass music at Ideation Station as well as having a Pecan Pie social, where you’re invited to dig in and even bring your own to share.

“My event/performance is always called The Chameleon SongSwap when I invite an artist to duo with me,” Houlihan said. “I attempt to choose different SingerSongwriters each time to capture different genres of music and create opportunities for all: Thus Chameleon… ever changing.”

Margaret “Peggy” Houlihan is a self taught indie, Americana, folk singer and musician. In 2013, she began to play guitar and pen her original lyrics in a style influenced by folk music of the 70s and 80s. She has one professional single release, Sugar Momma Queen, streaming on several platforms. She has recorded a demo EP but her goal is to produce a full album and play with a band. She is also working towards sponsorship on future grant writing to develop a program to sing with other song writers in community care.

“My motivation stems from my desire to create joy for our community, especially for elders in care or institutionalized environments,” Houlihan said. “I wish to envelope them in a more inclusive interaction with original artists from general society through singing and songwriting.”

Houlihan has studied in gerontological services administration with a bacholors degree from University of Texas Allied Health Sciences in Dallas. She is persues music ministry in community care and is working hard to encourage women of all ages to pursue their artistic dreams and goals but focuses especially on senior women.

“I am blessed to be a member of Ghost Town Arts Collective and in collaboration with Karen Rachel Yeatts in concert on Deccember 7th at Ideation Station,” Houlihan said.

Karen “Rachel” Yeatts is a singer/songwriter who performs live, acoustic old-time and bluegrass music. A self taught mandolin player she wrote a few songs many years ago, however, in the last five years she has found herself more focused on her music. She retired from teaching English at the University of North Texas in 2018 and has been playing in the North Texas area regularly ever since.

Yeatts has a 2017 album Look Up from the Bottom of a Dream, a collection of ten of her original songs, recorded and produced by Greg White at SG Studios in Fort Worth, Texas. The musicians in her band at the time also played on the album.

“Finding and keeping female musicians who can and want to play in a bluegrass band. People’s lives are busy and they often change,” Yeatts said. “Being in a band is a commitment that sometimes exceeds what people can do when it comes to a band.”

Yeatts aims to play more and bigger venues. Her biggest goal is to open for The Gawd Almighties or for Honey Folk in the coming year.

Currently she has a trio called Blue GrassFire and is also in a duo called Red River Roses.

“For the Chameleon Song Swap, I’m playing solo and teaming up with my friend and talented singer/songwriter Peggy Houlihan,” Yeatts said. “I believe in music and its power to tell our stories and to create community. It’s a love I’ll never let go of and hope to meet others like Peggy to share music with. ”

You can find Peggy Houlian on Facebook under Peggy Houlihan Music. Her early demo songs are on Reverb Nation.

Rachel Yeatts is on Facebook as Blue GrassFire and as Rachel Yeatts. She also has a website

You can see both of them at Ideation Station, 227 S. Travis St., in Sherman on Saturday from 2:30-5 p.m. Tickets are $15 on Eventbrite or can be purchased at the door day of event.