David Hardy is humble by nature, never quite recognizing what a gift he has for photography. He’s too busy enjoying the adventure and where it’s taking him.

A professional photographer from Caddo, Oklahoma David does typical portraiture work such as, families, seniors, and weddings as well as commercial work and real estate.

“I have no agenda, no form,” he said. I’m just an ordinary, simple guy who loves to take pictures. It always amazes me that someone else appreciates what I do.”

His interest in photography started in 1977, just before he left for South Korea for the Army he purchased a 35mm camera and lens from Sears and has been taking pictures ever since. When the digital age came around, he became interested in learning more about portraiture and editing. He went to every school and class he could get into. After a lot of education and advice from his accountant, he started his portraiture business, Dave’s Lifestyle Photography.

“I also do quite a bit of creative portraiture work just for fun and to increase my skills as a photographer.” he adds.

What he calls his “Just for Fun Project” is quite possibly his best work. He creates stylized photographs just for the pleasure of the art, with no cost to the people he photographs. It enjoys the opportunity to express himself creatively as well as learn new techniques.

“Mostly it’s just because I love the art of photography and love sharing,” he said.

Although David does own his own studio business he also has a full-time job as a road construction project manager. This pulls him away from his passion, as he’s been required to work away from home more recently not allowing him time to devote promoting his business and working on more creative projects.

Currently, Hardy’s goal is to do more travel photography. He loves the USA and photographing the places he goes and the people he meets along the way.

“Everyone has a story and it seems that carrying around a big camera helps initiate conversations,” he said. “I love photographing everyday people, the person working in a restaurant, car wash or convenience store, the homeless, the helpless, veteran, fisherman, the list goes on. These people are who make our country great and they all have a story to tell.”

You can find David Hardy’s fine art work displayed at Sparrow’s Gallery in Denison for sale. He also sells online at http://daveslifestylephotography.com/ and his business Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/daves.lifestyle.photography/