A number of local organizations will be offering free meals to the public on Thanksgiving Day. Most stressed that meals are provided for anyone who might find themselves in need this holiday season whether that need is for the funds to purchase a meal, a home to eat it in or company to share it with.

Grand Central Station Executive Director Karen Bray said she is excited at the number of open invitation meals that are planned for the area on Thanksgiving Day. Transportation is often an issue for people who could best be served by the meals, she said, and having them spread out means more people can be served and that is the hope of everyone involved.

Grand Central Station’s meal will be served from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., 110 South Throckmorton in Sherman. All are welcomed.

Bray said this year’s Thanksgiving meal at Grand Central Station will served to patrons by volunteers. She said patrons will be given a menu and they can select items from that menu. The day’s choices will include ham and turkey as well as all of the traditional fixings. Bray said they have all of the volunteers they need for the day and expect to have around 12.

The size of their facility, she said, prevents them from using more volunteers at this time. Prep work for the day’s meal has already started and will continue through early next week so that cooking on the day of will be largely down to putting things in the oven. She said she expects they will serve between 100 and 150 people this year. To do so, she said, they will cook an estimated 16 turkeys and five hams.

She said each year the Thanksgiving meal finds the GCS crew welcoming folks who only come to the station for Thanksgiving right along side people who come almost daily and people who have never been there before. “And everyone of them is welcomed,” she said.

Thanksgiving in the Park, Old Settler’s Park. Harrison Avenue, Sherman.

Kriscynthia Huston and Kimberly DeWitt Cogburn joined together to organize a pay it forward event that will provide a Thanksgiving in the Park at Old Settler’s Park in Sherman for on Thanksgiving Day. The free meal open to all who wish to attend will begin at 11 a.m. at the park’s pavilion.

Cogburn said things have gone well for the inaugural event of what they hope will be an annual thing.

“It’s just been a blessing” she said of how nicely the public has responded to their idea. She said they have received everything that they have asked for from the public and now they are excited to get to dig in and start serving people.

They have ordered 225 slices of turkey and 225 slices of ham from Golden Corral and volunteers are making the sides including all of the usual Thanksgiving favorites like mashed potatoes, corn, green beans and loads of desserts. All of those sides will be picked up on Thanksgiving Day at around 9 a.m. While they have plenty of people who have volunteered to serve, Cogburn said, they won’t turn away anyone who shows up wanting to work. They are asking that volunteers get there at 10 a.m. Then they will start to serve people at the Pavilion at 11.

“We want it all to get served because we don’t want any leftovers,” she said.

The meal is meant to be for anyone who has a reason to want to be there, she said, whether they be homeless, lack the funds to buy a meal or lack the energy to cook one or if they just want to break bread with a large group on the nation’s day of Thanks. All are welcomed.

Grayson County Shelter, 331 W. Morton Street in Denison.

Doors open to the public from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. and the public is welcomed.

GCS Volunteer Coordinator Rosalind Hendricks said this is the third year for the shelter to host a meal that is open to anyone who doesn’t have family in the area or just needs a place to celebrate the holiday. She said the event is hosted by a local family and volunteers will be doing the serving. The meal will be the traditional Thanksgiving feast.

If the weather holds out, she said, they will be serving the meal at tables outside so people can have plenty of space to eat and enjoy one another’s company. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, they move the party indoors.

Meals On Wheels home deliveries via Salvation Army

Most week days of the year, Meals on Wheels staff prepare the food that is delivered to local seniors. But on Thanksgiving, a local agency steps in to give those employees a chance to spend the holiday with their families.

The staff and volunteers at Salvation Army in Sherman prepare the meals that are delivered on that day. Major Ellis said they are already getting ready for the day when they will cook on average around 350 meals. She said they cook the meats and get the sides ready to be cooked ahead of time. They always welcome donated home made deserts to go with the meals, she said. Those items can be dropped off at the shelter at Then on the big day, they start at around 5 a.m. and put it all in the ovens to get it ready to go out for lunch.

Volunteers will then deliver those meals.