Overcrowding continues to be on the minds of the Denison Independent School District as it plans to move away from hiring a private firm to pick up some of the all day preschool students. The Denison ISD school board is set to take up the issue tomorrow when it will consider rejecting proposals that were turned in by Preschool 101 and St. Luke’s Day School.

Denison ISD Assistant Superintendent David Kirkbride said while the district appreciates the proposals as submitted, it does not see either proposal as financial feasible at this current point in time.

Kirkbride said the district made the proposal as a formality as part of the process to receive a waiver from the Texas Education Agency to not have to begin implementing the state mandated all-day preschool program. He also said the district would have gone forward if it felt the plan was feasible, but he said administration determined it would cost less money to move some students around to free up two classrooms for the 2020 school year.

Kirkbride said with the recent passing of the $20.8 million bond to expand Mayes and Hyde Park Elementary schools the district will have more room down the road. He said if the need arises in the future, the district will gladly work with its partners in implementing a program. However, Kirkbride said it will remain tight at the preschool level next school year as the expansions will not be completed by that time.

Denison ISD currently serves 87 students in preschool, not counting head start. It offers three classrooms to children ages three to four with two classrooms serving a mix of general education and special education students and a third classroom dedicated exclusively to non-special education students.

Starting in the 2020 school year, the district is expecting to offer four classrooms for students age four with two mixed or integrated classrooms. Kirkbride said there will be two dedicated classrooms for general education students.

The school board will make a formal decision at its monthly meeting Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m. at the Administration Building located at 1201 South Rusk Ave.

On the topic of school facilities, the school board will also be discussing the campus site based improvement plans at all of the district’s campuses.

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