Valerie Fox is the president of Grayson Pride, a LGBTQ community support system, proud mom of five, and a self acclaimed coffee addict.

Her first memory of drawing was with her dad. She’s been painting and drawing since she was 6 years old.

As a full-time employee, mom and student, she is constantly striving to find time and money to pursue her projects. Most of her work can bee seen on canvas. She is particularly fond of her abstracts. Striking and fun are her oddities of painted fish bones.

“I really like working with acrylic paints and canvas but have been know to paint on rocks and bones as well,” she said. “I like to experiment with different techniques of pouring and blowing paint around on the canvas to see what it creates.”

Fox does not currently sell her work as most of her work is done when she is feeling in a particular mood or trying to convey a feeling.

“At the time, it is more of a private collection and I gift people with my art a lot,” she said.

As an active ally for the LGBTQ community, she said her passion, with “two children on the rainbow,” is seeking a way to combine both aspects of her life into one vision. She wants to make a living creating art for people to enjoy.

“I like to create things that make people feel emotions and would love to be able to share more of this with the community,” she said. “You will be seeing more of my work in the future.”

You can currently find Valerie’s work displayed on her Facebook Page Fixations of V. Fox.