Whitesboro area residents know that the third Saturday in October can really mean only one thing — the Peanut Festival.

This year marks the 54th year that the area has set aside a day to celebrate its agricultural past while enjoying the fun, food and entertainment of present day. The fun takes place on Main Street and the area behind it, so it is impossible to miss. Just west from Sherman and watch for the crowds of people.

Here are three things one should know before heading out for the festival.

1. The fun starts early

The day’s activities officially begin at 8 a.m. with the parade line up. Parade judging starts at 9 a.m. The parade, some say the center of the whole event, starts at 10 a.m.

2. Parking places are sparse

It is true that there isn’t a lot of parking in downtown Whitesboro on most days. Add the fun and frivolity of festival and there is even less, but that’s OK.

There are plenty of parking places at both the high school and middle school and the festival offers two shuttle buses to take one back and forth. The bus will drop people off and pick them up at west end of Main Street near the police station.

3. The carnival last three days

While the actual festival takes place on Saturday, the carnival will start Thursday night.

The carnival rides will be set up in the space behind the stores on Main Street and will continue through Saturday evening.

4. No farming awards, but peanuts abound

At one time, the festival was the time and place to recognize the year’s best peanut farmer. Over the years, the local farmers have found other items to grow and now the peanut is more of a mascot than anything else.

There will be several booths that offer peanuts, fresh or roasted, as well as products like peanut brittle, for consumption.

5. Lots to taste and buy

The festival will feature more than 200 booths this year and they will include all different kinds of wares and food. Foodies can expect to find everything from fair food like corn dogs and cotton candy to some of the best hamburgers and world class barbecue.

Just make sure to bring plenty of dough to pay for all of those snacks and bring an appetite for fun and more.

What is your favorite festival during festival season? Let Jerrie Whiteley know at JWhiteley@HeraldDemocrat.com.