In 2017, Holly Doncaster opened ARThropology, a gallery and creative workshop for all ages in downtown Sherman.

Doncaster, originally from The Bershires, Massachusetts, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Adelphi University in New York. A passion for art and teaching pushed her to open a studio in The Berkshires, and after moving to Texas in the 90s, she opened several more and has won best art class by the Dallas Observer in 2003.

When walking into the large space off of Houston Street observers are welcomed by original work in ceramics, jewelry, and paintings on display in the gallery section. Walking a little further back, the room is filled with projects from students over the past year.

The walls in the class setting are covered in handprints by students who have completed projects, an ever growing tally.

ARThropology has classes in many mediums of art, included but not limited to drawing, painting, pastels, papier-mâché and pottery. Their students learn by creating original works of art.

“We strive to inspire creative expression and artistic development in each student. The structured curriculum is taught and approved by degreed professional Artists that have a passion for both art and teaching,” said Doncaster.

ARThropology is dedicated to providing quality art education for all ages. Through a personalized teaching format, students have the opportunity to express creative ideas in combination with learning and thinking outside the box. Classes focus on developing and refining fine motor skills and she has watched this build confidence in all ages.

Students work in small classes, learning a wide range of artists and art movements, as well as art elements, principles, concepts, and techniques. Weekly classes are available year-round, and students can start at any time.

In addition to weekly classes, ARThropology provides camps throughout the year for kids and teens, scouting projects, and workshops with professional artists. They are also available to host birthday parties, any occasion or no occasion parties, providing a fun environment for all ages.

Donaster is currently very proud of two current students who have made waves recently.

Lexi Clement, 15, won 2nd place at Sherman’s Art Fest with her first acrylic painting, and Nora Lui, 5, who started painting at four years old, her first enrolled student who did the painting for the Austin College Social Justice Walking Tour.

“My hopes are for ARThropology to flourish and be a place for young and old to enjoy themselves and make lasting memories right here in the heart of Sherman Texas,” said Doncaster.

They offer Art & Pottery classes for all ages, Arty Parties for birthdays, showers, team building and corporate events as well as summer art camps, workshops and more.

ARThropology is located at 207 E. Houston St., Sherman. Their hours are 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday. More information can be found on the website at