Hayden Arban is a graphic designer, probably most known for his 903 Brewery can art which he won an Addy, American Advertising Award, for while working with an area advertising agency.

His art range is just slightly more than that as he shows a hunger and talent for creating anything and everything from digital illustration, tooled leather, exotic wood rights, photography and mixed media.

“Though my greatest skill lies in digital media, it’s nice to unplug and get my hands dirty often,” he said.

Armed with a box of crayons as a child in 1980, Arban immediately took to the art world. Throughout school he found himself working in traditional sketching, charcoals and ink with his earliest commissions coming from friends in junior high to decorate their lockers in exchange for an extra dessert at lunch.

After high school, he took on jobs at a local newspaper setting and designing ads, designing print materials for another print shop and even launches his own online T-shirt shop.

He eventually found a place in advertising.

A few years freelancing for a couple of agencies, he found himself opening Bunchalotta Studios in Texoma with the help of a business partner. They eventually sold the agency to CBC Advertising where he stayed for a while as creative director. He has now found himself as the marketing director for Magnum Opus Botanicals, freelancing on the side and continuing to create new things with his wife in their company My Adventure Tribe.

He’s created a custom wedding band set out of rare woods, hand-tooling custom leather wallets, and helping design custom jewelry with his wife.

“Raising four great kids and growing this beard are all high on my proud projects list, but none every truly satisfy my need to do more, to be better, to grow and create something that others might think is as cool as I do,” he said.

The biggest obstacle — outside of my inadequate skills to translate what’s in my head — is combating the idea that art has any real rules, Arban said.

“Sure, knowing color theory, typography, symbology, and visual flow in a piece are useful…but if you know “the rules” then you can free yourself of them and still create something spectacular,” he said.

Arban believes art is about creating an emotional response, not always something beautiful.

“Sometimes it’s about a message,” he said. “Sometimes its just colors on a page that serve no purpose other than to be an outlet for their creator. Do what you love and it shows…someone, someday will love it, and until then, at least it made you happy to create it.”

In the meantime Arban is working on more refinement, better techniques, more skill in his art.

“I just want to be better tomorrow, than I am today,” he said. “Whether it’s one of my pieces, or one from another artist, remember that supporting locals, supports you community. Buying a piece from a local artist means buying a piece of their soul…All of the thought, the time, the energy they put into creating a piece is worth the price. Art never decreases in the intrinsic value the artist gives it, and that the consumer finds in it.”

Hayden Arbans freelance design and commissioned art is located through his portfolio site at http://www.designhayden.com. The unique sterling silver jewelry and leather accessories he creates with his wife can be found at http://www.MyAdventureTribe.com.