Caleb Stone, co-owner of of Electric Age Tattoo in Sherman with Jayce Cogburn, is a well-established local tattoo artist who also works in paint and graphic art. He describes his style as mostly leaning toward the bold traditional look reminiscent of Sailor Jerry (a prominent American tattoo artist in Hawaii who was well known for his Sailor tattoos).

Stone draws influence from what he calls “low brow” art like old skateboard graphics, biker culture, hot rods and music albums.

“When I was in high school I wanted to be a traveling musician, like a rock star, I guess,” he said. “I hung out with a bunch of kids who were into hardcore or punk, everyone was either old enough to tattoo or tattooing each other at their house, so I just figured being tattooed went with the territory” he laughs, “I didn’t do anything crazy, I waited to get tattooed on my 18th birthday, and after that I just got so into it and nearly obsessing over it, until one day I just started bothering Sean McAdams, one of the guys who was tattooing me all the time to show me.”

Once through the door he found a series of hardships and changes, working under several different artists. He credits Joe Narramore, Waylon Harp, John Rhodes and Tyler Sloan for giving him the tools to get to become who he is today.

“I’ll never be able to thank them enough for believing in me,” he said.

Balance has been an elusive concept to Caleb Stone as he didn’t really start to buckle down on his art and career until his first son was born. After his son turned a year old Stone quit his day job to pursue tattooing professionally and made very little at the time. He worked many hours with little to show for it and found his family suffered because of it and was unable to find the good in what he was doing.

He was able to push through, and even though he has found himself in a better place he still finds balancing family and work life to be a juggling act.

Opening his own tattoo shop with friend was a dream he had for years but never believed he could pull it off. He continues making tattoos on people in the community, where he has found great support over the years. There’s been more people coming in and asking for his own personal drawings and having his style appreciated has given him the confidence to continue in his passion. With this he wants to travel more, broaden his horizons and bring back his experiences to pursue in his passion.

He also does graph designs for his own clothing brand, Stone, sold through his website.

“When I was a kid I wore Hurley and stuff like that all the time, and thought selling something I made on a t-shirt would be the absolute best,” he said. “Tattooing is my favorite thing to do ever, but making t-shirts is like knocking out a childhood bucket list item. And people seem to like them so it makes it even more awesome!”

They do not have a shop phone and prefer it that way as they’d rather connect one on one to give people a more personal experience. They love showing their designs and ideas.

“I had people who were cool enough to introduce me to their culture and I hope to do the same for others” he added.

Electric Age Tattoo Co. can be found at 119 E. Wall St., Sherman. You can find more information on Caleb Stone’s work at: Instagram: @caleb_stone