I’ve spent the last few days visiting with my parents. They made the trip out to Texas from Nevada to see me and my sister who lives close by.

It’s always hard for me to be away from them for so long.

When I moved to Nebraska to go to college my parents soon returned to Nebraska themselves, my dad’s home state. I ended up attended the very same university as my mom. At the same time, we were both enrolled in classes. It was a surreal experience that resulted in her completing a bachelor’s degree in her mid 50s.

The hardest part for me moving to Texas was being away from my parents. I moved here in the summer of 2015. This last weekend we did a lot together. We took a road trip to see Muenster. On Sunday, I accompanied my parents, my sister and her family to the Frank Buck Zoo in Gainesville.

My parents are the type of people who are pretty easy going for the most part. They are pretty open to going along with whatever my sister or I suggest. Even though we only had a few days together, it really made me appreciate the time I do get to spend with them.

I find myself fortunate to still have the opportunity to spend any time with either of them. My dad just announced his retirement on his next birthday which is in November. He said he is fully looking forward to it. Since it was my birthday the week before the visit, my parents they made up for missing the day by getting me a weed eater to help with the yard maintenance. My dad spent some time helping me mow the grass and cutting weeds while he was here. We spent our last day together going to lunch. Before we took off they came by the office and met my co-workers, who have become my new family while they are away.

Happy birthday to Chuck Wakefield of Denison; Archie Reed and Darrall Rickerson, both of Sherman; Connor Sample of Herndon, Virginia; Kay White Orton of Katy;

Happy anniversary to John Charles and Jeanette Chapman of Van Alstyne, Jim and Dee Lough, 42 years of Sherman