As many of our readers know, we are undergoing a lot of changes here at the Herald Democrat this fall. Some of the deadline changes left one area of our coverage a little lacking so we decided to step in and pick up the pace a bit.

I am talking about the feature page.

Located on the front of the Life Section of the Sunday edition of the paper, these pieces don’t fall victim to the breaking news stories that can claim other parts of the paper and are generally reserved for brighter more upbeat pieces. Since our deadlines for having material turn in to our editors has changed, giving our readers advanced notice about some of the events around town is going to be even more important than it ever was and that is the kind of information that can go on a feature page. So, I have been able to spend the last couple of Mondays working up those pages for weeks in the future.

In doing so, I have been able to write about all of the fall festivals and the wonderful ways local communities celebrate Halloween and Christmas. I also have been able to write about upcoming events like the Sherman Symphony Orchestra’s season and Bras for a Cause.

Getting to look back over previous coverage of those events is just a wonderful reminder of what a vibrant and varied community we live in. There is something for just about everyone whether one wants to ride bikes all day, check out a local farmer’s market or visit a trick or treat festival.

In the years I have worked at the Herald Democrat, I have had the privilege to attend most every one of the events I have been writing about. Although I try not to have a favorite, I will say Fright Festival in Sherman holds a special place in my heart because it is where I have celebrated 10 Halloweens with my darling niece.

Happy birthday to Mary Westurn, Ed Huckabee and Johnnie Herrall, all of Sherman;

Happy anniversary to Dexter and Raquel Butler of Denison, 19 years;