Though no one has told the thermometer, fall is on its way. I know that is true because the true sport of fall — football — is being played everywhere from the professionals on down the high schools.

Here at the Herald Democrat, we love our high school football teams, but our love for the fall classics doesn’t stop with the fellas on the gridiron. We also love the folk in the band and those on the sideline cheering everyone on. In an effort to spread our love around to all of those students, this year the Herald Democrat has decided to pick a game each week and feature a short video from each school on our website. The link can then be shared and liked by that school’s fan base in what we hope will become something of a race to see which school uses the video to spread the most school spirit.

Some of our readers may have seen the videos recently posted for the Battle of the Ax game and the match up between Gunter and Pottsboro. Thousands of folks viewed and liked those videos to show their spirit and appreciation for more than just the football players for each school.

Each district in the county has received an email asking for a short video of their band playing their fight song or their cheerleaders cheering to the fight song or both. We have received a few videos but we still need more.

We will always feature both schools to a match up unless a Grayson County school is playing a team outside of Grayson County. We would just feature that Grayson County school in such a situation because it is our intent to show support for our local schools and to allow our readers to show their support for our local schools.

Happy birthday to Erica Hayden, Jerome Holland, Vernon Harlan, Anthony Futrell, Mary Holland, Angela Henson, Rondonia Pleasant and Trenia Guess of Sherman; Bazaar Wheatfall of Fort Worth; Cathy Chaffee of Los Lunas, New Mexico;

Happy anniversary to Mike and Linda Tarzis of Sherman, 36 years;