Now that all of the summer holidays are behind us, fall can’t be too far away, can it?

All of the signs are here. The children have gone back to school already. The stores are getting rid of shorts and flip flops and starting to carry the sweaters and hoodies that none of us will need till after Christmas.

Even Grayson College and Austin College have started their new terms.

Austin College welcomed 415 new students to campus in East Sherman. A written statement from the college said 400 of those were freshmen. Now that they have all attended their first classes, surely we can get this weather phenomenon that is holding the hot weather here to scoot on out of here?

The first football games were played last week and even included the battle over the Ax. Sherman lost again, which seems to be a part of the tradition as well these days. All of this is supposed to mean that it will soon be turning cooler.

But see, a lot hinges on the words soon and cooler. When is soon? And, how much cooler is cool enough? I want it tomorrow and I would love to see about a 25 to 30 degree drop in temperatures. I am probably not going to get what I want though. It is probably going to creep down one degree at a time over the next six weeks or so. We will probably all still be wearing out short sleeves, if not short pants, by Halloween. A friend on a social media site was lamenting the loss of her outdoor pool this weekend. I told her she need not cry. She will probably get to swim till Thanksgiving. OK, I said Halloween but I am revising my answer.

If anyone one of you actually needs me when I am not in the office at the paper, look for me sitting under an air conditioner somewhere mumbling about falling leaves.

Happy birthday to Madi Thornton of Denison; Kenneth Ransom of Friendswood; Al Crumby and Caleb Walker, both of Sherman; Deborah Kay Casada of Farmersville;