Taco Tuesday is becoming an increasingly popular day in the United States. Texoma residents have access to dozens of options when it comes to enjoying the tasty custom.

From Tito’s Taqueria in downtown Sherman to The Jalepeno Tree in Denison and everywhere in between residents in Sherman, Denison and surrounding communities can enjoy a wide variety of taco products any day of the week, not just Tuesday.

Here are 7 varieties of tacos that can be easily found in the area with suggestions of where to find each one.

1. Street Tacos:

These are a smaller variety than most. The street tacos come in a lot of varieties of meats, sides and fillings. The above mentioned Tito’s is a popular destination for a variety of street tacos. Old Iron Post, which is also downtown Sherman, serves its own brand of street tacos. Over in Denison patrons looking to get their street taco fill can find the food truck park a good place to start. There are a number of taco trucks to chose from serving up the dish on the go.

2. Fish Tacos

With Lake Texoma right in the backyard of most communities in Texoma there are plenty of fish lovers who prefer that meat in their taco. Fish Tacos can be found in a wide number of restaurants from Camino Mexican Restaurant or La Placita both in Sherman.

3. Chicken tacos

Many of the favorite stops that serve up beef tacos will also offer grilled or shredded chicken as an option. Rustico Cuisine in Denison is one such establishment that serves patrons downtown.

4. Shrimp tacos

Much like the fish taco shrimp is another popular option in the Texoma region. A number of places which offer seafood tacos will have shrimp on the menu. El Tapatio in Denison is one establishment that provides the taco lover some shrimp for their tastebuds.

5. Breakfast tacos

Harder to find in some places the breakfast taco is still available in the area for those looking to get their taco fix earlier in the day. Mi Taco in Denison and Van Alstyne has a breakfast offering until 11 a.m.

6. Beef tacos

These come in two main varieties, the ground beef often found at fast-food type places such as Taco Bell, Taco Casa or even Taco Bueno, and in the shredded beef variety found at nearly every place that serves some form of taco. Most places that offer the beef taco also serve up the soft shell or hard shell option.

7. Specialty tacos

There are plenty of other specialty tacos around Texoma. Some are offered exclusive to one business while others might be available at different spots. La Placita serves up an avocado and black bean. The Jalepeno Tree has a brisket taco on its menu. Tito’s Taqueria provides a trompo taco to the area and Old Iron Post offers up a buffalo tacos.

There are so many places to get Tacos in Texoma, where do you go to get your Taco Tuesday fix? Let Herald Democrat reporter Richard A. Todd know by email rtodd@heralddemocrat.com. He can also be reached via Facebook or Twitter @RichardAToddHD.