Change is something many find intimidating if not down right scary.

I am the type who welcomes change. I moved around a lot as a kid, I started a new school every single year of my education, sometimes mid year. Even into my adult life I have continued to explore the country looking for my place.

We recently began the process of migrating to a new computer system at work. It’s not too incredibly complicated but there are those dreading the change. I admit I was a little nervous at first. Then I realized during the training session it was very similar to a system I had used in a previous job. This helped make it a little easier for me to dive into the new process as it felt more familiar to the system we have been using. I know I picked up on the current system fairly quickly as well.

As they say one thing that is constant in our industry is change. I have only been in the media field for about six years total. During that time I have worked with a wide range of computer systems, some proprietary andsome off the shelf. In every instance I make it a point to learn the stuff necessary for me to do the work I am responsible for up front. Each new system has a host of challenges. Some come with a greater learning curve than others.

Having had so much experience learning new software over the years, new graphical user interfaces, and new computer operating systems it’s become second nature for me. I love computers. The best part of my job is I get to interact with a computer on a daily basis for the vast majority of my work day. I have a slight edge over some of my peers as I have been through this before. In fact I only started this job a little over a year ago so I am not as tied to the current system as those who have used it for a longer time. While some people dislike or even fear change, I more often than not welcome it. Especially when it comes to learning a new computer system.

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