Just a little over mid way through August and the summer is almost over. Youngsters are back in school all over the county and parents are feeling that sweet relief of not having to keep up with snack times and video game usage for the entire day everyday.

For me, this time of the year is about looking back a bit. What was the best thing that happened this summer so far? What was my favorite song of the summer? What was my favorite food of the summer? Favorite drink? What did I not like about the summer?

We can start with the last one first and I will say it has been the weather. I know it was fairly cool for the most part but when the heat landed, it did so with both feet. I just don’t know why it ever needs to get hotter than 90 degrees.

My favorite drink of the summer is iced tea always. No sugar needed for me please. My favorite food of the season has been salad. I have eaten enough chopped salad to keep at least a couple of farms in business this summer. My favorite parts of the salad have been the tomatoes, cucumbers and bacon bits. My only complaint is the the avocados I get at the local grocery store don’t seem to have any flavor anymore. Earlier in the spring they were very flavorful.

The song of the summer for me was Jonas Brothers, “Sucker.” I haven’t actually been a Jonas Brothers fan until this summer and it has been fun listening back to some of their earlier stuff.

The book of the summer for me was Elin Hilderbrand’s “Summer of ‘69” followed by “Blue Bistro” which I read for yet another time this summer. It is one of my favorites.

Happy birthday to B.F. Wade of Sherman; Margaret Madden Alverson of Denison; Virginia Howard Womack of Avinger; Duane Gibbs of Ivanhoe;

Happy anniversary to Jim and Nancy Russell of Pantego, Texas, 48 years; Tommy and Jan Bateman, of Sherman, 49 years;