I really don’t like flying.

The feeling of takeoffs and landings have always turned my stomach, the seats are never comfortable and I never have enough leg room. But maybe that’s because I’ve only ever flown in airplanes.

Walking out of the house the other day, I heard the distinct sound of a helicopter and immediately stopped and looked up to see it. That’s when I realized that’s a fairly universal reaction to helicopters.

We’ve all seen them and know what they are, but they’re not really common sights in most people’s daily lives.

I think most people only see them when it’s an air ambulance coming in for an emergency, and other than those, I think I’ve only ever really seen law enforcement copters and the occasional news chopper. I’ve covered a couple events where an emergency agency brought in a helicopter for children to look at, but I can’t recall ever getting to get inside one myself.

I really just feel like I know what it must be like from seeing helicopters on television and in movies — like “Airwolf,” “Magnum P.I.” and the 1966 “Batman” film. However, I’m sure the sensation is unlike anything I can imagine.

Still I go back to the sentiment I opened this column with, so I’m not sure I’d actually want to try riding in a helicopter. I’m sure the views are thrilling and the ride is smooth, but I think being able to see just how close we are to the ground would worry me too much to enjoy the ride for long.

That’s also why I’ve never wanted to ride in a hot-air balloon — that, and the fact that I’d just be riding in a wicker basket.

So personally, I think I’ll just keep my fascination with helicopters to a healthy admiration from afar.

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