With school back in session, the question of, “Where has the summer gone?” has bounced around our newsroom a good deal this week.

Yes, it flew by as it always does, but the question made me think about the ups and downs of my own summer.

After breaking my hand in early May, I’ve spent the last three months and change in some type of cast or another. My injury was by no means major, but fully healing has been a long and frustrating process. The cast has kept me from from having a lot of fun that I’d normally have, but I’ve still managed to make the most of it. Namely, when someone asks how I hurt my hand, I like to have a bit of fun at his or her expense. Fireworks, falconry, industrial sewing machines, shark bites and bridge demolition gone bad are just a few of my favorite stories — and I stick to them.

As someone in his late 20s, I know I’m fortunate for my health, but this summer has also hit me with back to back bouts of sickness. I’ve spent a small fortune on cold medicine and it compliments my “broken-hand” bills quite nicely, but I’m ready to hit my deductible, already.

Though my body has betrayed me this summer, a week-long trip to the Pacific Northwest made up for all of it. Summers used to mean vacations in the Smith family and we often went to a national park, but as we all got older, summer vacations stopped. Fortunately this year I made it up to Oregon along with my parents and my sister and we all made it for a weekend at one of our favorite parks. While the outdoor-lover in me was glad to explore the state’s mountains, forests and beaches, I was most thankful to spend time with my parents as we traveled and to see that my sister is doing well in her new home state.

While it might seem like the summer is over, there’s still technically a few more weeks left in the season. And whether your’s was long or short, crazy or relaxing, healthy or unhealthy, here’s to hoping summer wraps up well for everyone.


Happy birthday to Willyb Niblet, Barbara Reed and Das Janai Harris, all of Sherman;