I am discovering the joys of being a home owner every passing week.

Oh sure, there are a few hiccups along the way, such as having to make repeated trips to the hardware store just to get the right water hose. There are also a lot of small victories worth celebrating.

Since I recently bought a small camper to call my home, actually an RV complete with bathroom and kitchen, I have been discovering little ways to making it more comfortable to live in. I bought the camper from my sister who used it to take her, her husband and their five kids to the lake.

Fortunately for me I don’t have kids. As a result I quickly discovered I did not have a need for all the beds that the house came with. I spent this last week removing the bunk beds and opening up space to give me a nice little hall way.

My intention is to take the scrap wood I salvaged from removing the beds and turning it into a DVD shelf for my movies and video games. I recently decided I wanted to work towards buying a complete Nintendo Wii U retail set. This shouldn’t be too hard of a task considering the console only had around 165 or so total games released for it to retail stores. I know people who go for massive retro NES or Super Nintendo sets, those consoles have well over 700 games in their respective catalogs with some titles fetching hundreds, and in rare cases thousands of dollars.

For me, I figured a relatively modern console with a fairly small library ought to be more manageable. It gives me a collecting goal to work towards that will give me a purpose for all that shelf space I recently freed up by removing unneeded bunk beds. I’ve always loved video game collecting and now I get to integrate that hobby into my own home.

For me, customizing the space to fit my lifestyle is half the fun in buying a home of my own. All I need to do next is figure out how to get my rabbit ears on top of the house so I can get better television reception. After all I have a lot of Big Brother I don’t want to miss out on..

Happy Birthday to Emmanuel Johnson, Glenda Bills and Tommy Whiteley, all from Sherman;

Happy anniversary to Rosemary and Royce Tasker of Sherman, 39 years;