Oh my goodness, this past weekend was a hot one. I felt so sorry for all of those folks out there trying to back-to-school shop in that heat. My niece and I did just a tiny little bit of shopping and it about did us both in.

The rest of the time, we stayed inside in the air conditioning. It was even too hot to go swimming.

My niece spent her time making a recipe that she found for dog treats on Youtube. It involved a lot of cutting up of dog-safe fruits and mixing it with liquid before freezing it in the freezer. Even though none of the dogs in our family are outside dogs, they still seemed to enjoy the frozen treats when they were allowed to sample them.

I knew it was hot Saturday when my little black schnauzer wouldn’t even sit down on the sidewalk at the house. She walked right out and came right back in during the heat of the day. Then that evening, she went outside and rolled around a bit in the shade.

So, if the child and the dog were reacting to the heat, imagine the reaction that this older gal was experiencing. I remember very hot hot hot summers in my youth, but I don’t ever remember being so zapped by them. I also remember that I lived through most of those summers without air conditioning. Back then, we had what were called swamp fans. I did not know it back then, but apparently they are actually called evaporative coolers. They were better than nothing but nothing like air conditioners.

I think I might have been a senior in high school when we got our first air conditioner. Then we had only the one that cooled the kitchen and the front room of the house.

One would think remembering how hot it used to be, and the fact that I survived it just fine, would make it easier to deal with the heat we are experiencing this week. But one would be wrong. I am counting down the days till fall, not that that means it will cool off any..

Happy birthday to Dick Bice, Charles Jackson, Maleyah Jackson, Daren Thomas, Al Piland and Darius Thomas, all of Sherman; Connie Nichols of Ivanhoe;