While the weather seems intent upon allowing summer to not only linger, but stretch its legs for a nice long sit down, there are some signs that my favorite season is on its way.

I saw three fall themed magazines on the racks at a local store that I was shopping at this morning. The magazines were full of pumpkins and brightly colored leaves and tablescapes with soup bowls and hot chocolate mugs.

We are still at least weeks away from that here but we can taste the fall holidays if we want. I found candy corn at a local store this week. I was just walking along minding my own business when my nose caused my feet to stop all forward progress. I smelled candy corn. I looked up expecting to see a candle nearby. Instead I found just opened boxes of bags of candy corn and fall mix and Indian corn. Now, I will admit to spending way too long in that isle trying to figure out what, aside from color, is the difference between Indian corn and candy corn. They smelled the same. They had approximately the same number of calories and carbs (things I must watch way too closely for my own liking these days) so I am not sure there is a difference other than the color.

The isle also held over fall favorites like the mini mix Hersey bars and little bitty Snickers bars. It took a little willpower, but I was able to leave without any of those things jumping into my cart. However, the cookie isle wasn’t as helpful to my desire to eat healthy. I found a package of the Mint Chocolate Chip Oreos. I had to buy my niece a package of those. No, that is not another way of saying I bought them to eat them myself. I took the cookies to her mother so that I wouldn’t be tempted. However, I might not make it through the next trip to the store because I hear tell (by which I mean I read) that Oreos are going to come in Peppermint Bark and Maple Creme this fall..

Happy birthday to Royce Tasker, Timothy Robinson, Ronnie Peters Sr., Ronnette Peters, Trenna Brisco and Linda Allen, all of Sherman;