I have always felt that I was an adaptable person. I have found that accepting change has not been hard for me.

That is a good thing, I hope, because my mother always told me that the old thing consistent about life is change. Knowing that, I am not surprised when something around me changes. Whether I need to change my route to work because of construction or I need to update my passwords because it is just that time.

While change can sometimes be inconveniencing, I have come to learn that change is often times intended to affect a larger picture. Such as, if construction causes a route change, I know that road improvements are being made. I also know that changing passwords often can help thwart a cyber attack on information systems thereby keeping what is worth preserving safe.

As I travel around the Texoma region, the landscape is not as all as it was when I was a child growing up in North Sherman. From the houses that seem to be springing up everywhere to the new businesses and restaurants to the the improved and additional roads that can be found all along Grayson County, we are a changing community.

It is a beautiful thing to see progress, especially in a place you love. It is a beautiful thing to see people working with change, adapting and growing along with the community around them.

The best part about change for me though is knowing how quickly it can happen. Even during the times when change can seem negative, just wait a moment and I am sure another change will come and the former will make sense. Just wait a moment and you will see that progress takes change and change is intended to make us stronger..

Happy birthday Sunday to Teri Nickels of Sherman; Joyce Smith Sonnamaker of Muskokee, Oklahoma; Massie L. Taylor of Pasadena, California;

Happy birthday Monday to Bobby Carlisle and Bob Jarvis, both of Sherman; Charlotte McLane of Howe;

Happy anniversary Monday to Butch and Patsy Anderson of Westminster, 58 years;