Earlier this week, I was excited to receive an invitation to Denison for the monthly media luncheon with our local law enforcement officers and other area media outlets.

I enjoy this opportunity because it gives me the chance to sit down and catch up with representatives from different departments across Grayson County and some fellow journalists.

As I parked my car and headed inside the Tex-Mex restaurant chosen this go around, I got a call from one of my editors telling me there was a large grass fire reported way out in the county, outside Tom Bean. Supposedly, the thing had burned some 45 acres and prompted a response from multiple agencies.

I had already promised to attend the luncheon and was very much looking forward to a large plate of chicken quesadillas, but I knew I couldn’t stay. I walked up to the table said “hello” to all the familiar faces and explained the situation.

The drive out to Bub Hill Road was longer than I wanted, and as I neared the spot where the fire was reported, I couldn’t help but notice the visible absence of smoke. Nonetheless, I continued on down the gravel road until I saw some flashing lights and fire trucks.

Quite quickly, it became apparent that the “45-acre” fire I had first heard about was actually just “four or five acres,” if even that. I wasn’t thrilled, but when I told the firefighters about the initial report they all laughed and I couldn’t help but follow suit.

While I didn’t get a story out of it, burned a bunch of gas and missed out on lunch, I still tried to find the positive. No one was injured, no structures were lost and I got the chance to catch up with some good folks, whom I don’t see too often, like Jason Lankford of the Tom Bean Fire Department and John Weda of the Grayson County Fire Marshal’s Office.

I came back to the office still hungry and smelling like smoke, but, in the end, it really wasn’t such a bad day..

Happy birthday Sunday to Aeson Jones and Sterling Brown, both of Sherman; Kelly Clark of Fort Worth; Garyn Bevels of Woodsworth, Louisiana;

Happy birthday Monday to Chadwick Jones and Sandra Sublette both of Sherman; Valencia Taylor of California; Earl Smoak Jr. of Fort Worth; Sylvia Taylor Finch of Phoenix, Arizona; Rebecca Johnston Donnell of Roseville California; Happy anniversary Glenn and Cyndy Hancock, Denison 42 years;