Saturday I had a nephew turn 16 years old. Then Monday I had another nephew turn 21 years old. Earlier in the month I had a sister turn 40 and two days prior one of my younger nephews turned 12.

That’s four birthdays belonging to close family members in the same month.

Most everyone else in our family is spread out. My mom’s is in May and dad’s is November. Neither of them would appreciate me divulging their current ages. My sisters have birthdays in April, March and July with mine being somewhat unique in September.

What makes each birthday memorable. Aside from the person having it is the neat little ways we remember them.

For example, I have one nephew who was born on July 7, 2007, or 7-7-07. We call him our lucky seven. I have one of those birthdays that is just a normal day, unless it happens to fall on a Monday. Then, it coincides with a national holiday.

My youngest sister has a day that is easy to remember. Her birthday, April 17, so it comes two days after Tax Day. My dad ensures his birthday is easy to remember because he married my mother on his birthday so it would double as his anniversary.

One of my favorite birthday memories was taking my mom to see the newest Star Wars film in theaters for her birthday. It used to work out those films were released in May. That isn’t the case anymore, but we’ve learned to adjust.

What’s great about having the month of July packed with birthdays and them being in the summer means we don’t have to plan around the school day.

It is fascinating for me to see such a wide range of milestones in about a two-week span..

Happy birthday Sunday to Lora Burton of Sherman;

Happy anniversary Sunday to Alphonso and Phyllis Green of Melissa, 24 years;

Happy birthday Tuesday to Detra Holland, Barry Hughley, and Natalie Mask, all of Sherman; Bob Cooper and Grady Murphy, both of Denison; Paul Boaz of Whitesboro; Nick Niblet of Dallas;

Happy anniversary Tuesday to Jerry and Andrea Shannon;