No days in a news room are ever the same, and this week has held true to that fact.

As our work week comes to an end, today I have been thinking a lot about the different stories the news room has been able to touch on and the different ways we have reached out to the community in Texoma.

Our Sunday edition featured three stories centered around the development coming to FM 1417 and U.S. Highway 75 and South Sherman. We also were able to tell people about a fast-food chain that has decided it needs a location in the same corridor.

While there was so much area development that we wanted to share with people, we also had the opportunity to talk about the future of this area in another way. The Herald Democrat had reporters attend two weekend children-centered events. Knowing that this area is growing in a number of ways is not just important to the paper. It is important to me as a parent.

As the week went on, the Herald Democrat had stories about ways in which the city and the school districts hope to make this area safer and more comfortable for the rising numbers of children enrolled in schools in this area.

Not to be forgotten, there were some unfortunate situations that we had to shed light on. From court cases coming to an end to car wrecks with fatalities, there has been a lot going on in Grayson County this week.

Stories about all these things and more can be found in the newspaper each day. They can also be found on our website and on our Facebook and Twitter pages with photos and videos that we hope give our readers assurance in knowing that the staff here cares about the same things they care about and want these stories out there.

After I take a day off, I will be excited to start the week over and jump right back into the busy area I call home because I know Texoma will provide me with new ways to help tell the stories of growth and evolution in the coming days..

Happy birthday to Kaleb Wroten, Pat Bohrer Yoast, Ronnie Peters Jr., DaNiyah Wiley, all of Sherman; Robert Erwin Oberdorf of San Antonio;

Happy anniversary to Ovid and Jo Cole of Sherman, 67 years;