It is midweek already dear readers and we are heading for another hot weekend. I want to talk for a minute or two about one way to relax and it involves getting rid of those things on your feet. I am talking about your shoes.

I read an article online that said it is better for our brains to go barefoot. Now that was good news to my ears because I am a barefoot gal from way back. I don’t even know if I owned a pair of shoes till winter hit in the year I was born. I have a summer birthday so I am sure that no one thought to put shoes on me till Christmas of that first year.

The fact that my mother was also a barefoot gal leads me to think I am correct in this assumption. When my niece was a toddler, my mother insisted that we let her go barefoot in the house. My mom reasoned that the house wasn’t actually dirty and allowing her to be exposed to the minor dust from our home was good for her. When I asked why, she simply replied that our grandfather had insisted it was true when we were little.

Turns out that science has proved them all right. I love to walk barefoot on a nice clean floor and now that I am generally the one cleaning that floor, I enjoy it even more. Of course, I also have a schnauzer who lives with me and that assures that the floor doesn’t stay that clean for very long. That is, of course, because she always walks barefoot. I tried putting those little shoes on her once. It was like trying to baptize a cat.

On a more scientific note, some believe that walking barefoot in grass is a cure for insomnia. I have never tried it for that reason, but I might do it the next time I have trouble sleeping..

Happy birthday to Karissa Cox, Lizzie M. Briggs and Ze’Quan Walker, all of Sherman;

Happy anniversary to Michael and Erika Pleasant of Sherman; McKinley and Mary L. Keller of Sherman, 38 years; Keith and Karol Hughes of Gordonville, 48 years; Ernie and Lois Wigington of Denison, 49 years;