Formed just three years ago, the Gost Dance Band is not new to the Texoma area. The group is based out of Waco and Dallas and performs all around the Texas region.

The group is the next act to take to the Heritage Park Stage for Music on Main. The show will be held at 7 p.m. Friday in Denison.

“Based out of Waco/Dallas Texas, the Ghost Dance Band was formed by fate, hardheadedness, and an addiction to creating art,” the band site says. “With driven spirits and refusal to fail, the Ghost Dance Band is empowered by fans, known as the ‘Ghosts’, and the love of music. The Ghost Dance Band, along with the ‘Ghosts’, create a unique atmosphere which can only be described as supernatural.”

Band members include guitar player Cody Dollins, Weston Dogg on lead guitar, Will Prescher on rhythm guitar, Hayden Redwine on bass and Chris Smith on drums. All of the bandmates help with vocals.

While the group often incorporates folk music and rock and roll, it is most known for its country music influence. The group’s first album, a six track extended play, “Rituals”, was released in 2017.

The group’s blog says the “people and club owners” who have heard the 2017 EP have responded very positively.

“There’s no denying that it has a lifeforce and atmosphere,” the site states. “I just hope the world receives it and it sticks. And if not? Well then we will just push forward to the next one, because failure isn’t an option for me. We are setting up the makings of something one of a kind, and we may not have it all figured out at first but by God, were gonna fake it till we make it and we’re gonna push forward till we reach the promised land!”